Custom Furniture and

Custom Cabinets,

designed to reflect You.

The shapes are You,

the colors are You,

the details & dimensions

are You.

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Custom Design: the art of translating individuality.

The Journey

The goal of custom design is to express the client’s individuality in material form. Using our signature Indigo Blue ideation technique, we’re consistently able to find the specific aesthetic joy that emotionally and meaningfully connects to the client.


The custom design process starts with an in-home dialogue. There we seek to understand the role of the project within the space. We attune to the voice of the architecture and the client’s functional and styling requirements. Success is designing a custom piece of furniture or cabinetry that harmonizes and enhances the tranquility of the room.


The creative phase converts the client’s unique wants and needs into the design language of lines, curves, shapes, color and texture. Each element has meaning, that when skillfully juxtaposed, produces beautifully distinctive visual poetry.


Our artisans are masters of transformation – bending the will of raw materials; hardwoods, veneers and metals into functional emotional objects of conveyance, that spark thought and conversation. Our expertise includes kitchens, wall units, libraries, office furniture and more.

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A Blog About Our Time by Paul Jeffrey


Creative destruction is a process through which something new brings about the demise of whatever existed before it. Does this explain the current flux of worldly affairs? It certainly explains our design philosophy. #makethefuturebright.