Unique custom furniture and cabinets,

designed to reflect your beliefs.

The shapes are You,

the colors are You,

the details & dimensions

are You.

 Express YOUR meaning.

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The Value of Custom Design and Custom Made

Enhanced environment

We make spaces cool. Our custom designs give you, your friends and family an optimal visual experience, whatever your style.

Custom makes the room work

Custom-made eliminates the possibility of purchasing mistakes. We ensure the functionality, size, and style is perfect for your space.

Unlimited possibilties

We offer unique features. We stock no prefab components. We have no lists of options, standard sizes or colors to choose from.

Meaning is sustainable

Custom design is your thinking made visual – it tells the story of your individuality. Design without meaning is decoration – soon thrown away.

Ratings and Reviews

A Blog About Our Time by Paul Jeffrey


What should we conclude about a society that looks backwards – that desires retro furnishings, fashions, etc? Would there have been a mid-century modern era, unless society tired or wanted to move forward from the streamline era? The role of design is to push the needle forward, to advance and inspire thoughts of a new and better society.