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In-Home Consultations.

Nature has given to each, unique traits or characteristics that distinguishes one from every other. During your in-home complimentary consultation, our custom cabinet designers question and listen well. We then translate you – your unique style preferences  into personally reflective, beautifully distinct, custom built cabinets – using our signature Indigo Blue sketches.

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Creativity. It’s What We Do.

Whatever your cabinet style; transitional, contemporary, modern, or industrial rustic, the Paul Rene difference is fresh design ideas. We’re designers first. Secondly, we’re builders of high quality built in cabinetry and much more.

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Handcrafted. We Do That Too.

We are not a semi-custom cabinet maker. We stock no prefab components. We have no lists of styles, sizes or colors to choose from. Our woodworkers are artisans, adept at our craft.

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Let’s Do You.

The cost of handcrafted custom wood cabinet design is budget driven. Budget NEVER compromises quality, it dictates styling and material upgrades. During your design consultation we’ll discuss functionality, styling, turn-around times and budget. Afterwards we’ll return to our studio. Within a few days, we’ll email one Indigo Blue Concept Sketch. If you like our design direction, a $500 retainer fee is required to complete the design process. The retainer is applied to your invoice.

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A Blog For The Time:


THE LABOR POOL here and elsewhere is decimated. Woodworking is no longer introduced to youngsters in high schools, except in a few rare cases. Craftsmen or artisans are absent from the big screen and the little screen. Making things is just not seen as cool. So, what does this mean for the consumer, in a booming Phoenix economy? Longer wait times for high quality custom furniture and cabinetry.

'Transcend the Ordinary'
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