Custom modern platform bed: Stained Alder.
custom platform bed by paul rene furniture for angelica henry design
Custom contemporary coffee table: Solid Oak. Black Stain.
luxe magazine featuring black oak coffee table by paul rene furniture and cabinetry phoenix scottsdale az
Lacquered coffee table with hand forged nickle plated legs.
Luxe magazine featuring salcito coffee by paul rene furniture and cabinets phoenix scottsdale
Custom eco-friendly table set: Stained Oak frame. Kirei Board inserts.
phoenix home and garden magazine featuring paul rene furniture
phoenix home and garden featuring hallow earth coffee table set by paul rene furniture and cabinets phoenix and scottsdale az

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THE LABOR POOL here and elsewhere is decimated. Woodworking is no longer introduced to youngsters in high schools, except in a few rare cases. Craftsmen or artisans are absent from the big screen and the little screen. Making things is just not seen as cool. So, what does this mean for the consumer, in a booming Phoenix economy? Longer wait times for high quality custom furniture and cabinetry.

'Transcend the Ordinary'
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